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Whiskey Cigar Glass

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Sip your liquor in style with this Cigar Glass 

You can have full control over your whiskey cigar glass with built-in cigar holder. This premium hand-made quality glass is created to replicate the look of an old-fashioned glass. It has a unique shape and a timeless design

Premium Glass and Craftsmanship 

.All of the glasses are lead-free and completely safe and durable. The finish of the cigar mouth in the glass is 100% smooth to the touch. It is designed with ergonomics in mind. This liquor glass will maintain it's comfort while providing a unique and useful solution to your cigar holding needs.

Be the talk of the party 

All of your friends will want this glass when they see it. If you are sitting in a smoking section or by the campfire and you need to leave for a quick second, have no fear of leaving your cigar within the glass holder to do your business. It will be securely waiting for you when you make it back! Wives, this whiskey cigar glass makes a great gift for men!

Time to sit back and relax with your new glass

What are you waiting for? Order this glass now, fill it with your finest liquor, and light up your finest cigar! Add this to your cart now!



● SOPHISTICATED WHISKEY CIGAR GLASS WITH CIGAR HOLDER: This whiskey glass has a built-in holder for cigars that is designed to simply and securely hold your cigar while you sip on your favorite whiskey or liquor!

● HIGH-QUALITY HAND BLOWN GLASS - All of our whiskey glasses are handled with care and the finest craftsmanship.     We use only premium glass and materials to create a super sleek and durable finish.

● EFFORTLESS CIGAR STORING - Stop fumbling the cigar as you try to hold it and your drink in the same hand to free the other hand. Simply place it in your holder so you can take a sip of your fine liquor with one hand, and have a hand free to check your phone, or maybe even your poker hand!

● SHOW OFF AT THE NEXT GUYS NIGHT OUT - Flash this cigar glass to the boys on your next night out. Light up your favorite cigar, put it in the holder, and give them a thumbs up with your free hand. Surprise your partner with this great gift for men who are cigar smokers!

● HASSLE-FREE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Not satisfied with our product? Simply return it within 30 days no questions asked!